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Classic roof, minimal and versatile coverage for day and evening events.

Simple, versatile and customisable, the Classic roof is ideal for a business or private event because it adapts well to different types of locations.

Classic roof, the technical characteristics

The load-bearing structure of the classic tensile structure is made with dark grey painted galvanised steel profiles. The roof cover is made from white or ivory PVC; on the sides, the Classic roof can be finished with white, ivory or transparent sliding perimeter walls, according to the customer’s tastes and the type of event. In addition, the Classic tent can be completed by a flooring made with exposed wooden panels or covered with different materials. The lighting of the Classic roof can also be customised with chandeliers or spotlights.

All the materials used for the construction and installation of the Classic roof are in accordance with the law and the assembly and disassembly procedures are carried out by expert technicians in compliance with current regulations.


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