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Cristal, a cover that gives all the comfort of the interior and the wonder of the exterior.

The Cristal roof gives elegance to every event and helps to amplify the beauty of a location immersed in nature or chosen for its architectural value because, thanks to its transparency, it allows you to enjoy an immersive experience. The Cristal tensile structure guarantees taking part in the event as if it were open-air, but with all the comforts of the interior. Its rental is ideal for evening and night events; it is the least invasive solution and is suitable for any type of event: private or business parties, weddings, museum installations or creation of winter gardens precisely for the possibility of guaranteeing aesthetic continuity between interior and exterior.

Cristal cover, technical characteristics

The Cristal cover is a minimal cover in terms of its lines, but with a great visual impact. Structurally, it consists of a movable part in dark grey painted galvanised iron and a transparent PVC sheet. Thanks to its modular structure, the Cristal roof allows you to cover surfaces of any size and, thanks to its transparent sliding perimeter walls, it guarantees a remarkable scenic effect and allows you to enjoy the best of the location. The effect of the roof can be amplified and perfected by the lighting system made with chandeliers of various types and spotlights.

The flooring for the Cristal roof can be made with exposed wooden panels or covered in carpet or synthetic grass, thus allowing you to level and complete the structure.

All the materials used for the construction of the Cristal roof are in accordance with the law and the assembly and disassembly phases comply with current safety regulations.


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